BIREN + AGi architects, winners of the eCitySevilla project with their photovoltaic vegetal facade

BIREN + AGi architects and Urbantech Titania have been announced as the winners of the challenge launched by eCitySevilla to find innovative solutions for the installation of photovoltaic energy on the facades of buildings in the PCT Cartuja.

BIREN, a leading company in engineering and architecture for renewable energy integration in urban environments, and also a distributor of European BIPV (Building-Integrated Photovoltaics) products, has presented a proposal in collaboration with AGi Architects titled “Photovoltaic Vegetal Facade.” The proposal suggests a ventilated facade fully integrated into the building envelope, where BIPV photovoltaic modules are anchored on a self-supporting wooden structure adaptable to different building typologies. The design is complemented by the installation of a vegetal facade on the curtain wall.

Photovoltaic Vegetal Facade

This “Photovoltaic Vegetal Facade” features an innovative design for a ventilated facade and/or curtain wall that improves thermal insulation and interior comfort through the penetration of natural light.

Furthermore, the use of the self-supporting wooden structure allows for an easily replicable, renewable, local solution with low CO2 emissions, contributing to the decarbonization of the scientific and technological park’s environment and creating an exterior aesthetic symbiosis reminiscent of nature.

eCitySevilla is an initiative led by the Government of Andalusia, the City Council of Seville, the Cartuja Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja), and Endesa. By 2025, the PCT Cartuja will have a 100% renewable energy supply, efficient buildings, electric vehicle charging stations to promote sustainable mobility, and all of it will operate with a connected, intelligent, and autonomous management system.