Self-consumption storage

The self-consumption storage boom comes to Spain.

In 2022, 1,382.84 MWh of photovoltaic solar energy generated for self-consumption was stored.

Of the 1,382.84 MWh of photovoltaic solar energy stored BTM (behind the meter) in Spain, 692.44 MWh correspond to installations connected to the grid and 690.39 MWh to installations for isolated self-consumption.

Storage capacity for self-consumption

The study adds that the storage capacity for self-consumption has fluctuated this year at 260 MW, considering that the number of hours of operation of a battery is often modular and we are considering between 2 and 4 hours of operation, for connected installations. to network.

UNEF considers that, currently, 10% of self-consumption facilities have storage systems behind the meter, a figure that rises to 66% in the case of isolated facilities.

The rise of energy storage systems is great news for the BIPV market, considering the versatility of this technology to produce energy from any part of a building and using storage to cover 100% of energy demand.

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