In this self-consumption and BIPV news section, you will find up-to-date information on the latest trends, technologies, and regulations in the integration of renewable energy in buildings through solar energy, energy storage or the improvement of energy efficiency.

Self-consumption & BIPV news

New challenges in energy efficiency and integration of renewables in buildings after the update of the European Directive

The approval in December 2019 of the European Green Deal (Green Deal) and in October ...
Normativa tecnología BIPV

Do you know the regulations that accompany BIPV technology?

BIPV technology still needs a solid regulatory framework, although there are currently some specific regulations ...

BIREN + AGi architects, winners of the eCitySevilla project with their photovoltaic vegetal facade

BIREN + AGi architects and Urbantech Titania have been announced as the winners of the ...

Financial aid in the PREE 5000 program

In 2023, 50 million euros are available for financial aid in the PREE 5000 program ...

Self-consumption storage

The self-consumption storage boom comes to Spain. In 2022, 1,382.84 MWh of photovoltaic solar energy ...

Self-consumption photovoltaic installation in a community of neighbours

How to carry out a self-consumption photovoltaic installation in a community of neighbours? These types ...

The BIPV photovoltaic ventilated

The BIPV photovoltaic ventilated façade makes it possible to combine two important functions as a ...

Program for self-consumption of the Recovery Plan

Are you self-employed and are you thinking of carrying out a self-consumption installation? There is ...

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