Do you know the regulations that accompany BIPV technology?

BIPV technology still needs a solid regulatory framework, although there are currently some specific regulations for BIPV systems, and general regulations for construction or power generation systems applicable to this type of projects.

In 2016, the European standards EN 50583-1 and EN 50583-2 for photovoltaic modules and/or systems integrated into buildings were published. EN 50583 applies to BIPV systems through general requirements, electrical requirements, building requirements, requirements for glass modules and product labelling conditions. In addition, it mentions the methods of documentation, commissioning, and inspections of the system.

On the other hand, ISO/TS 18178:2018 Glass in building — Laminated solar photovoltaic glass for use in buildings, specifies requirements for appearance, durability, and safety, as well as design and testing methods for photovoltaic laminated glass for application in buildings.

Normativa tecnología BIPV

Regulation related to building or energy efficiency

Finally, there is a regulation related to building or energy efficiency that also applies to this type of building-integrated systems: