The BIPV photovoltaic ventilated

The BIPV photovoltaic ventilated façade makes it possible to combine two important functions as a structural element of the building.

On the one hand, the ventilated facade plays the role of a traditional facade, protecting the walls of the building against the penetration of moisture, frost, wind, and other adverse external factors.

On the other hand, the presence of elements that allow the production of electrical energy from the sun makes the façade a perfect area for its integration, in addition to the fact that these elements improve the insulation of the building and generate thermal savings.

Aesthetic in the building

BIPV technology also allows the creation of a new aesthetic in the building through its façade, using colours or patterns that can be associated with the character or brand of the building while generating energy.

This type of project is setting a trend in a large part of Europe thanks to the rise of self-consumption and energy storage systems, also supported by the high prices of electricity in the market.

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